This simple and easy to use guidelines for maintaining an aquarium helps aquarium enthusiasts and hobbyists in keeping their aquarium in an easy manner.


  1. Turn off the filter while feeding.
  2. Feed twice a day. The quantity should be such that which is eaten by the fishes within 2 minutes. If you have forgotten to feed them in a day, no problem but never feed them extra the next day.
  3. Remove the extra feed floating using a fish net.
  4. Turn on the filter after feeding the fishes as well as removing the extra food.
  5. The lights should be on for 6 hours at a stretch. You have the flexibility to decide the time but generally it’s evening time.


  1. Turn off the filter and heater while changing the water, and turn back on after the water is changed and you have cleaned the aquarium.
  2. Change approx. 20% of the water once a week with preferably RO water or use dechlorinated water.
  3. Clean the internal aquarium glass using a magnet cleaner, and the corner line with a tooth brush.
  4. Special focus should be given on the water level area where calcium deposits may accumulate due to water evaporation in due time. This can be cleaned using a magnet cleaner as well as a brush.
  5. Dose the necessary water conditioners as per the dosage chart.
  6. The water may be slightly cloudy after you have changed the water. It will take a day or two to become clear, depending on the tank size. But generally, it gets clear overnight.


  1. Clean the filter, and filter pads using aquarium water.
  2. Clean the inside cover to avoid fungus accumulation in due time.
  3. Check and fine tune the accessories and fittings.


  1. Add any other fish as they may have compatibility issues with the existing tank’s water chemistry as well as with the tank mates. If you need to add fishes, please consult us / local store before hand so as to help you with the correct information.
  2. Feed any other food other than the recommended fish food, as it has been recommended based on the existing fishes’ dietary regime and aquascape design.
  3. Switch off the filter except while feeding and turn in on once they have eaten the food.

Please note that the aforesaid guidelines for maintaining an aquarium provides an idea / reference point for maintaining an aquarium. The guidelines may vary from aquarium to aquarium depending on the tank size / volume, no. of fishes, fish size etc.

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