The betta fish, or the Siamese Fighting Fish is a beautiful and vibrantly coloured fish which is often used as an ornament for home aquariums. But because they are so coveted for their aesthetics, businessmen and pet store owners take to propagating fallacies related to their care and lifestyle simply to earn those extra bucks. However, as a fishkeeper, it is wise to have correct guidelines about taking care of your Betta fish, and we are here to provide you that.


  1. Feed twice a day. The quantity should be such that which is eaten by the fish within 2-3 minutes. If forgotten, no problem but never feed them extra.
  2. The lights could be on for 6 hours at a stretch.


  1. Change approx. 30% of the water once a week with RO water.


  1. Add any other fish as they may have compatibility issues with the existing
    tank’s water chemistry as well as with the existing fish(es).
  2. Feed any other food other than the recommended food, as it has been recommended based on the existing fish’s dietary regime.

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