Don’t let their name fool you. Goldfish come in an awesome variety of colours, shapes, sizes, fin types and make great first pets for those new to aquarium keeping.

Goldfish are competitive eaters and very interactive with their owners. Be careful not to keep bulk or feeder-type fish with fancy goldfish, as there is more of a chance to introduce disease. A more detailed guide can be read here.

However, as a fishkeeper, it is wise to have correct guidelines about taking care of your goldfish, and we are here to provide you with that.


  1. Switch off the filter before and during feeding.
  2. Feed once a day. The quantity should be such that which is eaten by the fish within 3 minutes. If forgotten, no problem but never feed them extra.
  3. Remove the extra feed floating using a fish net. 
  4. The lights should be on for 6 hours at a stretch. Too much light will attract algae and make the aquarium dirty.


  1. Change approx. 30% of the water once a week with RO water, without disturbing the fish as well as the design structure of the aquarium. A good motto is, “When in doubt, change the water.
  2. Ensure to turn off the filter before and while changing the water.
  3. It is recommended to avoid feeding the fishes one day before the water change.


  1. Add any other fish as they may have compatibility issues with the existing tank’s water chemistry as well as with the existing fish(es).
  2. Feed any other food other than the recommended food, as it has been recommended based on the existing fish’s dietary regime.


  1. Research / consult a professional if you have any queries / observe a pattern in fish behaviour.


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