We setup customised aquarium systems using natural design principles.

We don’t just fill the aquarium tank with water, we use our creativity to make it look artistic, try to replicate a natural habitat as close as possible as well as to match your interiors and liking.

Our aquarium systems are almost noiseless, easy to maintain, and have excellent finish. Our setup process the reduce the fish mortality rate by 95%.

They are also Vastu / Feng-shui compliant.

Other Products

Kokedama is a Japanese concept of gardening and translates to moss ball. It is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows such as ferns, flowering plants, bamboo or succulents.

Moss Art is made of 100% naturally preserved moss which does not need any watering or sunlight, and therefore make for great home decor piece.

Terrarium is a miniature greenhouse in a transparent glass container where live plants are aesthetically arranged for decoration.

Waterfall is a fall of water is an area where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep drops in the course of a stream or river.