Fishy Facts

Care LevelEasy / Medium
Color FormVarious
Lifespan5-30 Years
SizeAround 6 – 12 inches
Minimum Tank Size80 Litres
Tank Set-UpFreshwater, Cold, Planted*
CompatibilityPeaceful Cold-Water Species

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Goldfish Aquarium Layout
Goldfish Care Basics : Tank Size
Goldfish Care & Maintenance

Good to know


A goldfish aquarium tank size depends on how many fancy goldfish you have and how big they will be as adults. We recommend tank capacity of at least 120 litres depending on the species. The aquarium should have 80 litres of water for the first fancy goldfish, and an extra 40 litres for every additional fish.

The optimum temperature for fancy goldfish is 20° to 24° C. pH is not critical, but ideally should be between 7.0 and 8.4.

Use river rocks for decoration, and avoid abrasive/sharp edged rocks such as lava which may tear delicate fins as well as eye sacs. Goldfish like to search in the substrate, so avoid jagged or crushed glass gravel.

If treated properly, they can compete with tortoises and parrots as some of the longest-lived pets you can own.

They are easily tameable, intelligent, have a good memory, and like to hang around together. They can be taught to hand-feed and interact with their owners. They can also distinguish their owners from other humans.

Fin nippers and boisterous fish should be avoided.


  • A combination of biological and mechanical filtration is ideal and the filtration rate should be 6-8 times the aquarium capacity. e.g. if aquarium capacity is 120 litres, then you should use a filter whose filtration capacity is at least 6 times i.e. 720 litres per hour. The filter should be able to accommodate high waste production and additional aeration is recommended at warmer temperatures, but avoid strong currents.
  • Change 20% of the water weekly, or 40% monthly, to keep the nitrate levels low and water quality. A good motto is, “When in doubt, change the water.
  • Feeding behaviour depends on the type of fish. As a thumb rule, feed that much amount which can be consumed by the fishes in 3-5 minutes only. And remember to switch off the filter while feeding.

Aquatic Plant Compatibility
Larger goldfish will eat most live plants with the possible exception of Cryptocorynes, Java fern and Anubias, although they may uproot even these.


There are many opinions out there, but basically the more space you can provide your fish, the better!

Goldfish are big fish, and big waste producers. They are not at all suitable for small “starter kit” tanks or bowls.


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